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Started by seofreelance, February 28, 2011, 11:36:22 AM


As a SEO Manager I find myself over and over analyzing a website's structure and studying the relationship amongst pages, so linking.
Despite A1 has an automated priority assignment I miss sometimes a pure, Google PR metric next to the pages to let me understand what Google does see beneath this structure, I have to go to other aplications to get this data and waste more time if I want to aggregate them together on Excel for example, which is in adittion less intuitive than reading a hierarcycal tree.

A clear example: I am managing http://barcelona30.com amongst other huge sites, I use to filter "sitemap" to display only the multilingual HTML sitemap pages, this is 20 only on this site, I'd like to see at a glance what PR is given per idiom.
Another example:  our flagship budgetplaces.com, a portal for global budget accommodation booking, I'd like to see at a glance what PR is given per destination landing page.

Does this fit in your scope of the tool? Of course it will make longer report times while doing the actual crawling and querying Google API, but this could be a yes/no option within project settings.

Thanks for reading and hope you find this one worth implementating  ::)
Ricard Menor, Spanish SEO consultant based in Barcelona


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Can you provide any tool for checking it also does google webmaster is useful taking this one into account


I have read that the Google PR metric is not actually directly associated with your page position. Anyone know if this is true?



A1 Website Analyzer will not retrieve Google PageRanks of URLs in a website.

However it will calculate all internal link juice flow inside the website meaning you can see how your website "push" link importance to your internal pages. For more information, see:

Do remember that to what degree Google PageRank (of which internal website linking is part of) influence ranking in search results is bound to vary and unknown to most except those working at Google. It is just one of many signals to help search engines which URLs to index, refresh and rank highest :)
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