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Going to post (with permission) the website analyzer program testimonials received over email from people who do not have a forum profile. (Still recommend if people post themselves using their own forum profile!)

Not all old testimonials received in the past have been kept, but those that have will be added little by little! The A1 Website Analyzer testimonials posted here may at a later point be used directly at the main website analyzer product website!
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2006, May

After using a fair range of products to test out my designs and not being very happy with the results, I came across Website Analyzer which I installed, the program was clean easy to navigate and took a little while to understand all the functions that it had, I must admit within 30mins I found some serious problems with some of my websites which was not obvious at the time of creation. So from my point of view Thomas an excellent program keep up the good work.

Alan Walker
Sapphire Web Design
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2013, April

This is by far the most useful, fastest tool to collect information on a site-wide basis. I grab for this whenever there's *real* work to do.

Ruud Hein
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2013, May

Every professional would love to have a single tool that is totally reliable and provides all the data needed, from a single dashboard. Unfortunately, that's only a dream, so at SEO Workers, we have ended up having to use several tools, in order to extract all the data we need and ensure that it's solid.

Because of reliability questions, we normally will then use a few more tools to cross-check and verify the data. Most users should be aware of how much difference can exist in the output of "similar" tools. Often, the best one can do is use three or four different tools and try to compare and/or combine their outputs in order to grab the most complete and reliable snapshot possible.

Over time, we began to have more confidence in one tool over the others. A1 Website Analyzer has earned its place on SEO Workers' "A-List" of analytical tools, by providing consistently reliable results and not missing important factors in its analysis.

As its performance continues to prove itself, it may soon allow us to retire some of the other analysis tools from our arsenal. I would encourage any professional SEO to give A1 Website Analyzer Pro a try... it may allow them to stop buying redundant tools and wasting their time with repetitive analysis.

John S. Britsios
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2015, 27 april

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QuoteA1 Website Analyzer is a powerful SEO audit website crawler that installs on your computer like regular software. It can extract all technical and on-page information you need to perform a complete audit. It doesn't require any running subscription to keep functioning. At SEP it's our go-to tool when the going gets tough.

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