Which Website Is Better .com, .org, .net, Etc?

Started by Appdeveloperdallas, May 28, 2019, 08:39:28 AM


Many experts believe any domain extension will work for SEO purposes. However, the perception is different from one domain name extension to another. The perception between a .com vs. .org domain extension is the major difference. Most people still perceive a .org as an organization and a .com as a business.


Currently SEO wise there is no difference as search engines treat them equal. Colombian country code .co is treated as a generic top level domain (.com .org .net ...) so it can be used for general purpose use.


org stands for 'company' and is the primary choice for charity or non-income websites. ... org web sites as greater authoritative and credible than options. if you select to use a . org, you may want to brand your employer with the


The .com top-level domain is, by far, the most popular extension, and thus the one with the highest value for professional websites. Despite the extensive number of alternatives developed for different purposes, its use has expanded to include any kind of website nowadays, even though it was first intended to host commercial websites.

The .org top-level domain stands for "organization" and is typically utilized by nonprofit websites, including those run by NGOs, open-source initiatives, nonprofits, and educational institutions.

The .net domain name extension stands for "network" and was originally meant to be used by umbrella websites acting as a portal for smaller sites. The .net domain is the second most popular extension. When you attempt to purchase a domain name that is already in use, it is frequently shown as the suggested substitute for.com.

For charitable organizations, a ".org domain" is optimal; for commercial businesses, a ".com domain" is best. The ".net domain" works well for both private and public purposes.


While these TLDs have proper meanings like .com for commercial website, org for organization website, .net for online business website, etc. But I have noted that no one takes care of TLDs, for example many organizational websites have .com or .net or .org tld. Same is the case, many commercial websites use .net or .xyz, etc.