How to restrict the scanning to only the URLs imported from text file?

Started by mediterrano, March 26, 2015, 06:16:23 PM


I import URLs to be scanned from file

File contains the below URLs:

The resulting scraped.csv contains:

But I want the scraped.csv to contain only the specified URLs:

How can I achieve this?

for screenshots of all relevant settings pages, just use the below DropBox-link


If I understand you correctly, your problem is that A1 Website Scraper scrapes from otherURLs you do not want scraped?

You have to limit the "analysis" and "output" to the wanted URLs.

See the help page for importing:

QuoteIf you only want the imported URLs checked/analyzed, tick the recrawl option.
If you do not use this option, A1 Website Scraper will perform a full crawl starting from the website root.
It is crucial to use this option in case:
You set limit include in analysis filters, e.g. by using the button as shown above.
You only want external URLs checked and/or analyzed.

If you continue to have problems, send and email with your project file:
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