Example of A1 Website Search Engine and how to get started using it

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The purpose of A1 Website Search Engine is to make it easy to create, add and maintain search functionality for your website - online or offline.

Here is an example - also notice how all pages also have a search box a the upper right corner:
(You can try to make searches with scoring calculations shown if curious)

Before scan of website we adjusted settings to:
  • "On-page keyword analysis | Site analysis : Result ranges" to max 50
  • "On-page keyword analysis | Site analysis : Max words in phrases" to 2

Before creating the search engine files we chose setting:
  • "Search engine builder |general options | kind of search engine" to: "Deferred load (Javascript + PHP)"

Whenever we update our custom site search - we just upload the generated data files and not the "frontend" .HTML file (instead we integrated the necessary HTML and CSS parts into own own .PHP page)

For a guide covering most uses see:
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