Wish list for new features and improvemens for search engine build

Started by Webhelpforums, November 06, 2015, 04:34:35 PM


Rik has suggested these things:

Suppose you are on 3rd page of search results and open a page in the same windows. The back window does not return o page 3 of search results which would be preferable.

This has to do with seach results being loaded in-page as Ajax - even so, I believe this can be fixed.

if there is an option that the engine only looks for exactly the string of word(s) that someone types in.

The original goal was serving as a general search engine for websites that just works - i.e. returns most relevant results first where users do no have to worry about any search syntax. However, some customers may use A1WSE for actually e.g. searching 3rd party websites (e.g. if they are not indexed in Google) looking only for pages that has EXACT phrase matches.

While A1 Website Search Engine is good for returning results from most relevant to least relevant it currently does not have an option for exact searches.

You can improve search quality by allowing it to also keep indices of 2-word, 3-word, 4-word and 5-words phrases. By default A1WSE only keeps an index of single words. Allowing it to have indices of multi-word phrases further improves the scoring/ranking capability of the pages in search results.

When also using multi-word indices, it would be nice to have search phrase "word1 word2 word3" also exact match text content "word1 (word2) word3"

Currently this is the case, but all 3 words will be found and "scored" against the one-word indice, so the page containing "word1 (word2) word3" will still score/rank very high for the search phrase.
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The person using A1 Website Search Engine can decide if to also include images in what gets into search index.

(There's a quick "Scan preset" which can add all image file types if one does not want to manually configure the advanced options.)

Assuming that:

Chuck suggests the end search user should be able to decide if search results only return images instead of e.g. pages + images

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Chuck suggests that the search results can show the most relevant image from the given page in search results.

Suppose you are making a search engine over a product catalog, A1 Website Search Engine should try pick the most relevant image and show in search results.
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Šárka  suggests support for searching for a non-diacritic word also can return results for pages using diacritic version - e.g. Plzeň and Plzen
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I need a search engine to make large document archives (10.000+ files) searchable via a website. It would be ideal if the search engine had proximity search as well as boolean operators (keyword#1 and keyword#2 within a specified distance, e.g. x number of words, say 5 words between keyword#1 and keyword#2).
It would be great if I could define additional "data fields" that can be searched specifically. For example, not only title, heading, etc. but also year, author, etc. (combined with boolean operators and proximity search). Also, it would be great to be able to define the "fuzziness" of search terms, e.g. the amount of characters in a search string that do not match exactly.
In this way, spelling errors could be compensated to a certain degree.

Your software already has good basic functions, I especially like the ease of use.
Maybe you could take a look at DocuDig: https://github.com/yourcelf/docudig
Ideal would be the combination of ease of use of your software with the functionality of DocuDig.



Thank you for your suggestions. I may be able to implement some of it. There is already quite a bit of "fuzzy" matching (and one can weight HTML elements before generating search index albeit the searcher can not control the weighting)

I will return to this when making an update for inspiration :)
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