Useful tips for content management

Started by Alex Thompson, September 30, 2013, 02:49:09 AM

Alex Thompson

Here are some useful content management tips

1.Avoid custom software usage
2.Deploy CMS on requirement:
3.Support team ready for modifications
4.Plan website properly
5.Consistency in the user interface
6.Add search in CMS project
7.Planning of online advertising with website designing

share your opinions.


I agree with your points. A site should be designed attractively to attract the end-user.


In addition to content management SEO plug ins must installed to help the blog content post reach its target audience in the field.


The different useful tips for content management are:
1. Organize your site properly.
2. Make sure the basic user interface is basic.
3. Don't build custom software to do content management.
4. Support is more important than software.
5. The user manual can determine success.