What are the best SEO framework / plugins for a WordPress Site: Genesis, Yoast P

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What are the best SEO framework / plugins for a WordPress Site: Genesis, Yoast Plugin, etc ?



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Hi Friend,
Well if you are looking a plugin for best SEO services and options then there are many SEO plugins but among FREE SEO tools the Yoast Plugin is best one. But..

If you are looking for a framework with semantic html5, schema, microdata, page/post layout handling, seo handling and vast variety of plugins attached to it then the GENESIS is the best option and the most important thing is that GENESIS fully support the Yoast SEO Plugin.



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Yoast helps you to optimize your meta tags and content for your focus keywords, synonyms and related keywords you’ve typed in. It will remind you where in the text and how often you have to use your keywords to improve your rankings.
The plugin allows you to preview and manage the way your page is shared on Facebook and Twitter. This way you’ll be sure that your title fits and the image matches.
It helps you to set canonical URLs to save you from having duplicate content on your website and confusing Google.
Yoast gives suggestions on placing links to other pages on your website, as you write. Internal linking is crucial to help search engines understand your website structure.


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