How to generate Sitemap that includes individual .html pages and not just folder

Started by, February 10, 2021, 11:01:38 AM

I just purchased the A1 Sitemap Generator Pro and I can't seem to get it to generate a sitemap.xml file that includes the detail of the individual .html files. It only generates a sitemap of folders. 

Can I tweak the settings to have it produce an xml file with all the URLs, down to the .html extension, that are on a given site?


In general for fastest response be sure to email us at

Please also include a link to your website in your email.

Default settings will include .html in XML sitemaps, but it could be a whole range of issues: Javascript links, MIME content issue, canonical issue (your .html pages point to another page) or something else.

Solution is usually to tweak settings. Email us and we will be happy to analyze the problem, explain it and give your a working project file :)

Update: Problem resolved over email
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