If I don't want to auto upload, can I create an xml file?

Started by Luba, July 19, 2012, 03:03:02 AM


I don't want to use the upload feature, but would rather save sitemap as an xml file.  I can see it in notepad and in html format.
Is there any way just to save it as an xml file?   

2nd question... can I combine an image sitemap with a regular one?  Is there some combination of the two?  Does google accept 2 sitemap submissions?



Having A1 Sitemap Generattor upload the generated sitemap files is entirely voluntarily.

You can choose yourself where generated sitemap files are placed:

My recommendation is to use the "image sitemap" selection in "quick presets" before scanning your website.

When done, build the following two sitemap file kinds:

* standard XML sitemap
* image sitemap

each which is focused on providing the best sitemap of its kind.

And yes, Google accepts that witthout problems. If you want, you can even submit multiple sitemaps of the same type + image sitemaps + video sitemaps + mobile sitemaps + news sitemaps etc. without problems :)

See also:
TechSEO360 | MicrosysTools.com  | A1 Sitemap Generator, A1 Website Analyzer etc.


Thank you  for answering and responding so quickly.


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