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Title: phpBB-SEO
Post by: ronthai on May 04, 2013, 11:01:13 PM

Nevermind, a changed setting in phpBB-SEO did it.
Now they are set as -8 rcRedirectCanonical (whatever that means) and not added to the sitemap when creating it.


Hi, I have a phpBB-SEO based forum. (phpbb-seo.com)

This rewrites URL's to: e.g. http://domain.com/forumname/topicname.html

The standard phpBB (non-SEO version) would be like http://domain.com/viewtopic.php?f=xx&t=xxx

When generating a sitemap and done, BOTH URL's are in the sitemap, which is of course unwanted (I think).

How do I change the settings, if possible, that it ONLY generates the rewrite URL's?

Or how do I mass delete the URL's which have the viewtopic.php?f=xx&t=xxx in it?

Or does it not matter for Google that it has double URL's and just leave it as it is?

Thanks, Ron
Title: Re: phpBB-SEO
Post by: Webhelpforums on May 05, 2013, 06:26:38 AM
Hi Ronthai,

It is an advantage not including duplicate URLs, so it sounds like you found the correct solution :)

-8 rcRedirectCanonical means A1SG detected the URL pointed to another using canonical. See also:
http://www.microsystools.com/products/sitemap-generator/help/server-http-response-codes/ (http://www.microsystools.com/products/sitemap-generator/help/server-http-response-codes/)
http://www.microsystools.com/products/sitemap-generator/help/sitemap-robots-noindex-nofollow/ (http://www.microsystools.com/products/sitemap-generator/help/sitemap-robots-noindex-nofollow/)
http://www.microsystools.com/products/sitemap-generator/help/duplicate-content-page-urls/ (http://www.microsystools.com/products/sitemap-generator/help/duplicate-content-page-urls/)

There's a phpBB preset available, but no phpBB-SEO. You can also manually configure filters by switching off "easy mode" and setup up "analysis" and "output" filters. See also:
http://www.microsystools.com/products/sitemap-generator/help/easy-sitemap-generator-mode/ (http://www.microsystools.com/products/sitemap-generator/help/easy-sitemap-generator-mode/)
http://www.microsystools.com/products/sitemap-generator/help/website-crawler-scanner-filters/ (http://www.microsystools.com/products/sitemap-generator/help/website-crawler-scanner-filters/)
http://www.microsystools.com/products/sitemap-generator/help/website-crawler-output-filters/ (http://www.microsystools.com/products/sitemap-generator/help/website-crawler-output-filters/)