SOLVED: A1 Sitemap Generator doesn't scan website properly

Started by user_be, April 19, 2010, 07:50:08 AM


We're having this problem with scanning our website with the A1 sitemap generator. We've bought A1 Sitemap Generator to generate it's sitemap, but it seems like it indexes only one link: the domain name.

I believe the problem must be similar with the one described in the topic "Not indexing blog". Unfortunately we tried all the suggestions there with no success.

Does someone have an idea what the problem could be?



A1 products do have a learning curve associated to learn and use each product. I encountered the same problem you did.

I fixed it going to the path tab and, besides entering the site at the very top (in "website directory root path2) -in ypur case -,  I added a couple of path directories. You can do so in path tab at the very bottom where it says "beyond website root path, initiate scanning for paths".

I viwwed the site and you can add this extra paths as an example:



Make sure that you post each path one by one and then press the "+" button at the right.  You can add as many paths as you want. What you are telling A1 with this some  extra doors for the bot to get in and check the site.

Hope it helped,



I just tried scan with 2.1.4 (latest version of 2.x series)
I had no problem simply using "New Project" and insert "" or ""
(does not matter for A1 Sitemap Generator)

Infact A1 Sitemap Generator will automatically default to "autofix":

  • Domain redirect (e.g. user enters wrong domain)
  • Auto alias port 80 in URLs
  • Auto alias with-www
  • Auto alias non-www
  • Auto alias http
  • Auto alias https

Just so you know I am not pulling you leg, you can also try
download last version of 1.x series, version 1.8.8
This also works.

For a short while, there was an issue in an A1SG 2.x version where I introduced a bug in its "auto fixing". (Happened in an attempt to handle a rare situation not directly related to your situation.) But it was quickly fixed. And yes, I hate bugs as much as anyone else :)
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Thanks Webhelpforums! Upgrading from 2.0.4 to 2.1.4 did the job indeed!

Finn: I have tried something similar with no success - but it wasn't quite the same. I used a whole path instead and expected the generator to find its way through the links. So your method may have worked perfectly in this case, but the website has quite some folders so it would have asked some time to get the job done. Thanks for the advice, cheers.


Glad to hear the problem was solved! Should you ever encounter a situation where A1 Sitemap Generator does do what you want, feel free to either ask here or email. Either way, the response will usually be quite fast :)
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