style error with '-' minus signs in front of url

Started by stevelake, March 14, 2012, 10:40:03 AM


google rejected sitemap. when i open it in browser (firefox) i see minus signs in front of all urls. when i open in notepad or dreamweaver i do not see these. I know content with no style information is not an error but the minus signs in front of the urls that microsys generated are. any ideas? thx


When FireFox shows XML sitemaps withput style information, it shows the URLs in tree format with "-" minus signs to collapse information and "+" to expand information for the given URL. (Try click the "-" to see for yourself.)

For more information about using styles on A1 Sitemap Generator created XML sitemaps, see:


Before I can comment on Google XML sitemap warnings/errors I need a lot more information such as:

  • website address
  • XML sitemap address
  • the warnings/errors Google Webmaster Tools give you
  • version of A1SG you used
  • settings (default or...)

(Do notice that just because you see a warning in Google Webmaster Tools it does not mean the entire XML sitemap was rejected.)

Just a quick extra question: Did you remember to upload your XML sitemap to the root of your website?

If you prefer, you can also email support directly with above information:
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