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These are a list of tools we have at some point used or liked. Some of the initial posts are quite old taken from our old blog - but still exist
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Date:  Oct 9, 2010

Have you ever wished for an easy way to see the actual differences between two images? Or maybe by accident saved a source code file into two different new files, each with their own changes? And now want to merge the differences compared to the original version?

Then might be able to use a diff and merge tool like ECMerge.

ECMerge features both two-way and three-way (i.e. two edited files that both originate from the same file) diff comparison of documents, images and other file types will help you identify and handle all changes. This in turn makes it much easier to reconcile additions/removals in the different files! :)

For more information, check the compare and merge feature tour that describes all the functionality in great detail with screenshots.
TechSEO360 |  | A1 Sitemap Generator, A1 Website Analyzer etc.


Date:  Oct 19, 2010

If you regularly use office applications and tools, chances are that you at some point have experienced  problems with at least some office documents and files. When errors pop up, and you don't have any recent backup, you need a tool to fix and repair office files.

If you use office software such as Access, Excel, Word and Outlook, you should check out the Office Fix tools from Cimaware. It can help you restore damaged Access databases (including modules, queries, forms etc.), Excel spreadsheets, Word documents etc.

Of particular interest to just about every business owner, software developer and power user is their Outlook PST recovery tool. Whatever the problem, there's a good chance you can recover emails with all of your important contacts and files :)
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Date: Aug 30, 2009

If you are looking for a program that will be a perfect fit for existing users of website webmaster tools. 

That tool would be CSE HTML Validator

Already  back in late nineties this was the best website validation tool to use when checking websites for errors. Now, much later,  it still continues to improve, year after year, surpassing all other tools of its kind. People using alternatives such as the W3C HTML and CSS online validators owe it to themselves to try this combined HTML/CSS and accessibility validator.

Are you only working on personal or educational websites? Then you may be interested in as well. While not offering nearly as many functions as the standard and professional versions, it will still complement W3C validators and give more tips and warnings about  website issues.

Note: While our general purpose A1 Website Analyzer tool supports HTML and CSS validation using W3C online validators, this process is slow and does not cover the same amount of areas CSE HTML Validator does. However, CSE HTML Validator comes with an API which means we will investigate if we in a future version of our software can integrate with this validation engine as well!

Update in 2013: It was a long wait, but A1 Website Analyzer now supports using CSE HTML Validator to report errors and warnings in results :)
TechSEO360 |  | A1 Sitemap Generator, A1 Website Analyzer etc.

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