How to Check total indexed pages of my website?

Started by sunil009, July 25, 2022, 02:25:36 AM


Hi, I want to check the total number of pages indexed by Google without using the Google search console as I want to check which pages Google indexed and what information it saved from my pages in terms of Metas.
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You can check search at Google to know number of pages indexed by Google and it will show information also with Title and meta descriptions.


To check the total indexed pages of your website:
1. Use Google Search Console for Google indexing information.
2. Use Bing Webmaster Tools for Bing indexing information.
3. Perform a search using the command in search engines.
4. Consider using SEO tools for more detailed insights.


You can check total index pages of your site by typing "Site:yoursiteurl (", it will show you all the indexed pages. Other than this, you can also check from several SEO tools and chrome extensions.


In A1 Website Analyzer and TechSEO360 you can after crawling your own website import data from Apache and Google Search Console. This allows you to see which pages have been visited by Google crawler and which Google search console knows of as indexed.

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rahul verma

Go to the Google Search Console and log in.
Select your website from the list.
Find the 'URL Inspection' tool on the left-hand menu.
Enter the URL of the page you want to check.
Google will then fetch the page and show you the current indexing status.


The simple trick to knowing this is to go to Google, type "," and then press enter. You will get all of your website's pages, which Google indexes.