Can't get exclude analysis filters to work with request's parameters

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I am trying to download a website ( I have manage to do about 95% of the job so far with A1 Website Download.

I have set POST login information and I can download a part of the website but I can't find a way to exclude the "LOGOUT" from the download so I only get a part of the website.

I know I can set it up in "Excluse analysis of internal URLs..." under Analysis filters but the problem is that the website doesn't use a simple page. It uses the logout as a parameter to any given page...

So i tried putting "doLogout=true" without the quotes of course to have the filter matches relative paths that contain doLogout=true but that doesn't seem to work so I wonder if this is since it's a parameter. I also tried with the quotes just in case. I looked a bit into regex but I don't understand regex right now.

I cannot completly ignore parameters since I need all the other URLs except those doLogout=true.

I'm currently using v4.1.3

Thank you for reading and further more for your support.



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Re: Can't get exclude analysis filters to work with request's parameters
« Reply #1 on: December 24, 2012, 02:37:24 PM »
Notice that you will have to exclude in both output filters and analysis filters to prevent A1WD from making the HTTP request.

Also notice that for exclusions you can either make:
  • simple string matches "logout"
  • path matches (what you tried)
  • or more complex regular expression matches

If you still have problems, email your project to support:


Also make sure the login actually works. Unfortunately more and more sites have begun using techniques for login systems that are more complex than "old style" post form logins. (Combining Javascript/Ajax/Serverside validation, and not just e.g. session cookie post form logins.)

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