Keeping downloads to one specific place

Started by webloader1, February 23, 2024, 05:43:18 AM


Apologies if this is a stoopid question, but I've tried various solutions and cannot resolve my problem.

I am looking to download each sub-page from a site as a separate file, but the search seems to go off at a tangent.

Given that it is a .gov site, as you can imagine, my error results in lots of 'wrong' pages being downloaded.

The site is which has 260 pages below it. It is only the 260 pages that I need to download, but I cannot see how to isolate those within the A1 options.

Can someone please advise where I am going wrong and how to resolve it?


When you say

QuoteThe site is which has 260 pages below it.

Do you mean it has links to 260 pages you want or that all page URLs are below countryside-stewardship-grants/

Either way, many ways to achieve what you want:

  • Root path to
  • Add to start search paths:
  • Limit "scan website | output filters" paths to :countryside-stewardship-grants

Relevant help pages:

If you need help configuring a project file, you can also drop us an email:
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