Permalinks - WP v 3.3.1 not working

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Permalinks - WP v 3.3.1 not working
« on: April 13, 2012, 12:15:51 AM »
I just migrated my website from free WP subdomain/hosting to a TLD with paid hosting. I had surprisingly little trouble getting all the content transferred over intact but am having one, rather big problem. Permalinks.

No matter what I try they just don't work. And not just old posts/pages either. For example if I were to switch over to /%postname%/ right now, then post a new blog post, that post would simply lead to a 404. All links etc created the moment the post is published don't work. Needless to say, older posts and pages don't work either.

The only setting that works is default. Ugly default with my posts looking like : or something along those lines. Not sure how important this is for SEO but it sure is a pain to keep track of saved links when they are just a string of darn numbers. The SEO factor is extremely improtant to me as well but as a rank noobie I just don't know how important it is.

Any help here would be mucho appreciated. I can also gladly give access to my site or whatever is needed to anyone who thinks they could help. I'm pretty desperate because I'd like to fix it now, before building backlinks etc. If I wait and then fix it later I'll lose tons of backlinks and have to put in a ton of work going around changing the backlinks I can change.

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