Prepare for JSP Jobs & Interview questions | JSP training

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Prepare for JSP Jobs & Interview questions | JSP training
« on: September 22, 2011, 05:24:20 AM »
Prepare for JSP Jobs & Interview questions | JSP training

Java Server Page (JSP): Java Server Pages is another technology defined by Sun Microsystems to generate dynamic web content.JSP is a form of server-side applications. They are direct extension of servlets. They are more efficient than servlets.JSP is types of server-side scripting language.JSP program files have an extension .jsp. They are HTML documents which are embedded with Java code using different JSP tags. When compared with servlets they are unstructured and contains pieces of java code scattered through out an HTML file. Since they are server-side applications, they have access to server resources such as servlets, JavaBeans, Ejbs and databases.

Advantages of JSP:

JSP’s being Java programs, they allow write-once, run-anywhere policy.

JSP tags are simple to understand, since they are similar to HTML and XML.

Since there is a standard, published API for JSP, and because of Java code portability, use of JSP is independent of hardware, OS or server software.

JSP vs Servlets:

   Similarities
•   Provides identical results to end user.
•   JSP is an extension of servlets.
•   Provides similar API support.

   Differences
   Servlets: “HTML embedded in Java Code”
   HTML code inaccessible to Graphics designer
   But accessible to Programmer.
   JSP: “Java Code embedded in HTML”
   HTML code accessible to Graphic Designer
   Java code accessible to Programmer.
   Jsp allows code update without restarting the server.
   Eliminates redundant code.

JSP life cycle:

Corresponds to servlet init (), but has no parameters (use config implicit object to obtain information regarding environment).

_jspService( request, response )
The main processing method; all Java code belongs to this method by default (if not contained in another method), but it is not explicitly declared in a JSP document

Corresponds to the servlet destroy() method and is called just before the generated servlet is destroyed.
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Re: Prepare for JSP Jobs & Interview questions | JSP training
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2012, 05:46:01 AM »
JSp is less popular for implementing application and it is much hard to understand for beginner web developer as any expert can utilize its strength in complex website and application. There would be only free web design and development company which may be working on JSP.


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