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Microsys owns WebHelpForums. This page covers WebHelpForums and will be referenced as WHF.

WHF reserves the right to change or update information at any time on this or any other page found on the website. There can be inaccuracies and errors in this text, e.g. typographical or accidental omissions. In cases where any part of the text seems unclear, do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


You can find all our contact information here:


Under no circumstances will WHF or its owners be liable to any party for any direct or derived damage caused in any kind of connection with this website, its contents, or any of the sites linked to including, but not limited to, loss of data and/or lost profits, even if we have been expressly informed of the possibility of such damages.

User generated content

We do not wish to receive confidential, proprietary, or illegal data. By sending us data or posting at the forum you agree to this and grant us the right to freely use the data in any way we see fit.

We strive to keep WHF free of content that violates laws including copyrights. Should you ever find or suspect some user generated content on our website(s) not to be within above mentioned endeavour - please contact us.

Privacy policy and cookies usage

We do not ask for any personal information unless it is useful or required for running our forum. Examples of data and its usage include:

  • Email address for verifying an user account befoe he/she can post messages at WHF.
  • Email address for contacting an user if it becomes necessary - e.g. if someone complains about the user
  • If a user spams the forum we will also keep information, so we can prevent and block the user from posting in the future.
  • Tracking errors in the forum and its website.

From your account settings you can edit your own profile information and see data related to you including forum posts you have done.

If you have any questions or requests about your data including deletion inquiries you can always email us - see contact information above.

We ourselves only store cookies directly related to keeping WHF operational (e.g. login) - however see underneath the following list of 3rd party services we use.

3rd Party Services

  • AddThis:

  • CloudFlare:

    • Service we use to increase website speed, uptime and security.
    • Deals with user requests and therefore as part of that information such as IP addresses and similar.
    • Note: Stopped using in May 2018

  • Google ReCapthca:

    • Anti spam measure. (Without it we are overwhelmed by spam bots to - so much we had to close for new accounts during some of 2018 and 2019.)
    • Protects against bots spamming this forum using fake accounts and. This means information such as mouse movement, IP address and other is collected. This information is forwarded-to and processed by Google. See
    • Note: Only used in periods when the website is begin hammered by spam.

  • Google YouTube:

    • Used to show demonstration videos.
    • We embed videos using the enable privacy-enhanced mode option which adds a no unnecessary cookies instruction to the video embed code.
    • Note: It may be we are not currently using YouTube, but if we ever are, the above is how we use it.

  • Webhost:

    • Necessary to have a website.
    • Webhost and serves located in Denmark
    • Deals with user requests and therefore as part of that information such as IP addresses and similar.

General privacy information

For completeness here are various general opt-out links that together cover many online services that use, collect or share data about people:
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