What Is PPC grade..?

Started by sonamsharma, October 09, 2020, 11:51:14 AM


Hello friends,

I Want To know that What Is PPC grade..?


PPC grade cement is a type of Portland cement characterized by the presence of pozzolana particles like fly ash, volcanic ash which is added to OPC in the ratio of 15% to 35%. The cement is available in any specific grades. It is finer and less dense than OPC.


I think you're referring to PPC Quality Scores when you ask about PPC Grade...

PPC Quality scores are a somewhat mystical beast in terms of SEM. We know that it deals with keyword, ad and landing page relevancy; a higher number denotes a lower CPC for the advertiser. I'm writing this answer to help demystify the process of getting a higher PPC quality scores

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Don't get exactly your question. I think you ask about PPC Score Instead Of PPC Grade.

The PPC Score depends on the relevancy of your keyword i.e how relevant your keywords are to your ad copy and landing page.

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