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Web/Mobile/Software Outsourcing / Re: Website
Last post by alrabybdalrhmn - Today at 12:52:12 PM
If you're looking for someone experienced in developing websites for translators, start by asking for portfolios of the professionals you're considering. Make sure to ask how the site will be optimized for SEO activities and what kind of marketing help will be available. In addition, it would be nice to ensure that the freelancer or company you choose is aware of the current marketing budget and can provide guidance as to how to best utilize it. You can find more information on marketing budgets here:
Web/Mobile/Software Outsourcing / Re: Website
Last post by Ferdekalen - Today at 12:27:20 PM
I have not used their services, but I know that there are good companies that can help.
Web/Mobile/Software Outsourcing / Website
Last post by herminsulbonus - Today at 12:08:19 PM
oes anyone in here have recommendations for a freelancer or company experienced in developing web sites for translators?
General Discussion / Please do recommend some chang...
Last post by qloudhost - Today at 10:46:01 AM
Hey Geeks,

Can you all please help me with my website UI/UX Design, Recently we launched our new website interface?

Looking for some Suggestions- Here is My Website Url
General Discussion / Re: Rack screws and matching s...
Last post by careymadison - Today at 08:05:25 AM
Hi! You're right that the numbers like "12/24" or M6 don't really mean anything on the driver side. They're more related to the size of the screw itself, not the size of the driver.

When it comes to Phillips drivers, you'll typically see codes like P3, P2, etc. The P3 driver is generally used for larger screws, while the P2 driver is used for smaller screws. However, it's hard to say for sure which Phillips driver size would match the 12/24 or M6 screws without knowing the specifics of the screws you have.

As for Torx and star drives, it can be a bit harder to find them for rack screws. You might have more luck checking with specialty fastener sellers like they might have a wider selection of different types of screwdrivers. You could also try contacting the manufacturer of the rack to see if they have any recommendations. Good luck with your home lab setup!
General Discussion / Rack screws and matching screw...
Last post by Legibokin - Today at 06:47:45 AM
Hi all – Say I buy a homelab rack that uses 12/24 or M6 screws. What's the matching screwdriver size? It doesn't seem like "12/24" or M6 mean anything on the driver side – apparently they don't determine or constrain the head size, and the screwdrivers are using different codes. For Phillips, I'm seeing codes like P3, P2, etc. Which Phillips driver size goes with 12/24 and M6 screws?

Also, I like Torx and star drives instead of Phillips. Will this be hard to find for rack screws? Amazon doesn't have much selection there, but I haven't tried more specialty fastener sellers.

Forum Introductions / Re: Home Security.
Last post by SarahWong - Today at 05:25:36 AM
You can search for local alarm technicians on directories such as Yelp or Google. Besides, check with your local trade association. Regarding the Ring doorbells and cameras, they offer a variety of features such as motion detection and night vision. However, as with any product, it's important to do your research and read reviews to ensure that it meets your specific needs and preferences. I did the same before choosing my alarms from If you're still experiencing issues, it's best to get your alarm checked by a technician.
Forum Introductions / Re: Home Security.
Last post by careymadison - Today at 05:19:16 AM
Door locks and cameras are good, but you need to choose a quality manufacturer and of course do not forget to read reviews about it
Forum Introductions / Home Security.
Last post by herminsulbonus - Today at 04:23:22 AM
We have an alarm that doesn't work. It's something like an accenta g3.

are there any alarm techs on here that are local to Essex? Would like to get it working.

Also are the ring doorbells and cameras any good?
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