How to remove negative search Engine Results..?

Started by lovesoluion, April 19, 2017, 07:54:28 AM


Hello friends,

I would like to know that how to remove negative search results..?


While there's no quick fix for a bad result on, in many cases, it is possible to effectively remove negative search results. Do your best to remove content completely, or simply outrun them by developing search results that Google likes better.


You cannot remove negative search results page because Google is working on it by algorithm updates.


Negative results can be removed from Google and other search engines. Here's how: Find all the negative search results. Find webmaster's email. Or use to find the information. Contact a site owner to remove that negative page from their site.


Some of the alternatives are :
Write positive reviews.
Replace bad links with the good ones.
Linking with good DA websites and pushing down the bad links.