Name the four important meta tags in SEO and what are their character limits?

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Name the four important meta tags in SEO and what are their character limits?



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There are 4 types of meta tags:

- Meta title tag
- Meta description tag
- Meta keywords tag
- Meta robots tag
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Hey, Buddy

First of all, there are 3 Meta Tags

Meta Titles
Meta Keywords
Meta Descriptions

Meta Titles have the length of  70 Characters
Meta Description has the length of 160 Characters
Meta Keywords, not more than 10 Phares Keywords

Thank You.



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Four important Meta tags-
1. Title Tag: <title>The title of the Page</title> (Unique title for your page)
Limit: Google typically displays the first 50-60 characters of a title tag, or as many characters as will fit into a 512-pixel display.
2. Description Tag: <meta name = "Description" Content="Description of the Page">
Limit: Roughly 155 Characters
3. Keyword Tag: <meta name="Keyword" Content="Your Keywords">
According to Google they didn't look at meta keywords then you will be surprised that why I am mentioning it here. It is here because 'Yahoo' search still use these in their SERP. So don't miss it because still have 28% search share so why miss these 28%.
4. Robots Tag: <meta name="robots" Content="......, ......">
The valid values for Robots Meta Tags 'Content' attribute are: "INDEX", "NOINDEX", "FOLLOW", "NOFOLLOW".


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