-12 Errors

Started by thallstd, September 05, 2012, 01:10:36 PM



After scanning, I consistently get a -12 R.Code on 4 out of 7 refs on the External tab.

The ones getting the error are all very long, the shortest being 79 chars.  Could this be the problem?

Other than being reported as an error it doesn't seem to impact anything.  I can still select each and get valid results when I review the Linked By tab.



It is a very rare error indicating a problem in the HTTP communication between that particular URL and A1SG (and it won't affect e.g. "linked to by" data)

One quick possible solution:

Switch off "Easy mode"

In "Scan website | Crawler engine"
Set "default path type and handler"
to "HTTP using WinInet engine and settings (Internet Explorer)"

(Note: Seems the UI claims WinInet is "default" which is was for a short priod, but default currently and historically has always been the "Indy HTTP" solution for the core HTTP communication in the "A1" software.)
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That fixed it.  Thanks much !!

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