a1 sitemap generator does not index my Blog

Started by museoinformatico, February 12, 2011, 10:16:10 AM


Before buying it, I´m testing your last software version a1-sitemaps-generator and I´ve got a huge problem: I am not able to make a correct web scan.
my site is www.fuerakilos.com, and one blog in www.fuerakilos.com/blog
My site has got a main web at root directory, and it also has a wordpress blog installed in a directory/blog. When I try to scan it only indexes the index.html which is in the root directory, but neither all the articles of the blog nor any of the blog pages are shown (contact, etc.)
Is a1 sitemap g software able to explore all my site?
Is it possible to index all the articles published for Google and other robots to index them?
and a last question, is it possible for the software to make a new sitemap periodically?

best regards



Your blog can not be accessed through
it redirects to

Use http://fuerakilos.com/ as scan address and it works :)

If your entire website (root domain path) had redirected to non-www, A1SG would have handled this transparently. But because your root website http://www.fuerakilos.com/ does not redirect A1SG assumes "with-www" to be the correct form.

Even so, it would normally have worked because of the way A1SG defaults to set up aliases... However, due to specifics of how you issue redirects in combination with above mentioned, A1SG didn't here.

(Do also note that e.g. Google XML sitemaps won't accept you mix with-www and non-www, so it is better to settle on one under all circumstances.)
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Regarding your question about setting up A1SG to scan e.g. daily, yes, check the help about sitemap generator automation :)
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I tested with http://fuerakilos.com and all the site is indexed correctly!
However, now I have a new question.
as the sitemap file generated by the program is http://fuerakilos.com, how it should have registered my google
"http://www.fuerakilos.com or http://fuerakilos.com?
I ask this because I've already registered the domain in google as http://www.fuerakilos.com, and I guess a google search
Sitemap www.fuerakilos.com and not fuerakilos.com.

Please explain this point



Essentially at this point your website content is only accessible through non-www... So it would make sense to submit that to Google as well. Generally speaking it's best your actual URLs (non-www) correspond with what you told Google :)

I should note that A1SG actually allows you to post override root address used in sitemaps:
(that feature is mostly meant for people who scan their website offline/localhost)

So if you really want, you can have the non-www paths overriden with-www automatically when creating sitemaps.
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ok. thanks
excellent support!
I bought your software, right now!
I will use it.


Glad to hear! :)

I processed your order a couple a few hours ago, so you should have received your license email by now! Let me know if you have more questions (either here or through email) :)
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