After 7 hours still scanning

Started by ronthai, December 12, 2012, 01:16:40 AM



I started yesterday my first scan of a brand new forum. It only has 122 post in 63 topics (just 4 days old).
I have not touch any settings just easymode and scan away, because after an hour I thought wow still not finished I stopped the scan, to start again fresh when I would go to bed.

So bedtime, started the scan and now 7 hours later the thing is still scanning it said over 75000 list found.
Yes all the UCP and stuff was in there also (20 members), when I had a quick look at the links, I noticed that about every link is 100 times or more in there.

I can imaging sometime is wrong here, just no idea what.

Since I have touched NO setting and just clicked scan, what I do I need to do for a normal functioning of this tool?

Thank you and regards, Ron


Oh boy never mind, It seems I download an old version 2.
Now I have installed the latest version downloaded here all works great (less then 2 minutes)

Why do people keep old versions on there website for trials and don't just refer directly to the real website, so you always have the latest version.


Hi Ronthai,

Glad to hear you got it working by download 4.x instead of 2.x :) Most sites link directly to the newest download, but some store local copies themselves which can be rather annoying :(


If you ever encounter a similar problem to what you describe, you can sometimes try stop the scan to see the URLs found. This can often help diagnose such problems (e.g. if the site dynamicly generates a never ending list of unique URLs, HTML forms generating tons of unique URLs when combining all input fields etc.)

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