after make uploud A1 sitemape google webmaster tool show error

Started by tommyc30n, December 25, 2011, 06:40:30 AM


hi everybody i very new here and not have to many knowladge in sitemap so maybe somebody can help me.
Yesterday i was download the trail version before i buy it and try to use it , i was scan my website that its adult online shop , after 1.5 hour of scan i was crate the file without change any setting in the A1 software , i was uploud the file using cute ftp to my website and ping it with A1 software , everything was look ok so i update the google webmaster tool with the new sitemap.xml that i just create and after 20 sec i got error in google webmaster tool,
i was chack the error and i see many error and shoe me the line of error and the tag and it look like this
Invalid tag value
This XML tag has an invalid value. Please fix it and resubmit.

i was chack the file that the A1 create and i see that in this line its show that the page update hourly at 1.4 so i was change in to daily at 0.4 and then it show no error on this line i was happy and start change all the bad lines and try again and then i see that its have too many error i try look at the net for solution but i didnt find anything diffreant from what i do every movie or guide show me exectly what i did .
i am sorry if i have english write mistakes ( i have birthday today and yesterday i was drink too much  ::) )
i hope sombody can help me in this issue
and happy xmass to all


Responded to your email. I believe your problem has been solved :)
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