Cannot click the item in quick presets when creating image sitemap

Started by Leo0731, February 16, 2016, 06:20:15 PM


hello, there

I just downloaded the A1 today as a first day free tiral, trying to generate a image sitemap, however, the items in presets from the scan website panel  are not clickable. I can scan the website, but I cannot click the preset to scan website.
can you help me with that A.S.A.P?



Assuming the menu item does not look disabled, your click is applied.

What happens when you click one of the items in the "quick presets" is that many different settings are set (e.g. 10 settings - it depends on the item clicked)

Hence, your click is applied, but you do not get any checkmark or similar since you are free to e.g. click two presets e.g. "wordpress" followed by "image sitemap" and make manual adjustments afterwards.

The quick presets are simply a convenience that speeds up configuration compared to setting all options manually.

For more information about image siemaps and how to configure A1SG to collect image reference with/without using quick pesets, see: http//

If you still have problems, email your project file (File | Save as..) to
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