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Started by mike.tenrec, March 19, 2013, 04:30:56 PM


I am using version 4.1.4 of the sitemap generator. I found this tutorial on identifying broken links but it is regarding a different (older) version of the sitemap generator.

I have figured out how to filter teh analysis tab by error code. When I select one of the pages that resulted in a 404 error code, I don't find the page(s) that linked to it in the extended data. How do I identify which pages on my site contain links to pages that result in 404 errors? thanks


Generally speaking, screenshots are only updated if the application looks radical different.

Have you by any chance used any "output filters" during your website scan? Since these default to be removed post-scan, they will also not appear in any URL's "linked by" list.
(Setting found in: Crawler options | apply "webmaster" and "output" filters after website scan stop)

Are you sure you selected the right sub-tab under "extended data". (This is actually not an uncommon problem that people are starring into "links [internal]", "links [external]" etc.)

Do also make sure to check the "redirect from" and "used from" subtabs since these can also be where a 404 URL originates (e.g. a broken redirect)

Assuming none of above solves your problem, email details (including specific 404) + description to
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