Folders appear in Recycle Bin after running A1 Sitemap Generator

Started by ITZAP, June 07, 2015, 11:34:38 PM


Hi, I am running latest Version 6.0.4 of A1 Sitemap Generator using Windows 7.

My website has CSS style sheet located in a CSS folder.  And website menu URL's link to subfolder addresses like ...
http:// mywebsite /menu/
http:// mywebsite /pages/

The sitemap.xml file is generated just fine, no problems whatsoever.

But upon exiting, look in the Recycle Bin on the Windows Desktop and find that it contains folders like ...

No big deal, but just wondering why that happens and if there is some way of preventing the software from doing it ?

Regards, Gary.


Sounds like temporary folders that A1SG downloads and keeps a short while until done with actual analysis.

There are no files right? (Those should be cleaned continuously during the scan)

Version 6.0.6 (or a v6.0.5 update) will most likely be so normal deletion of leftover files/folders is preferred over recycle bin :)
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