Image-sitemap should include thumbnails AND large image files? or not?

Started by Luba, July 20, 2012, 03:13:21 PM


Hello again,

I have a large site ( that has gallery pages with thumbnails to all the large images.
I have alt tags on all the thumbnails, but not the images themselves.

The Image-sitemap that was generated was indexed by Google, but it only picked out the html web pages (got em all in fact !).... but absolutely none of the images.

1.  Can I set the image-sitemap to show ONLY images and not the webpages they are on... or is that a bad idea?

2.  Should I be including only the thumbnails in the image sitemap?  or both the thumbnail and the large jpg file.  The downloadable pictures are HUGE.

3.  If yes above, can I set the sitemap creator to exclude the large files?

Very concerned here, since this is a free student and teacher resource all about the pictures - none of which is being indexed at all.  :(  Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated.


What you suggest is against the image sitemaps specification. Check the image sitemaps tutorial:

There's a code sample. You have to associate images to pages.

I would include the real images or both.

Well, you can use "output filters" (control what is included after crawl finishes) and "analysis filters" (control the crawl)

Do you have a link to your image sitemap? If it is correct and submitted to Google, the images hould start picking up slowly in Google Webmaster Tool
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