problem after interrupt a1 sitemap gen

Started by w3d, September 07, 2010, 01:43:55 PM


I was using a1 sitemap generator to backup a site, but i had to interrupt the process.
Now i cant no more access that site. I've already uninstalled the program, but i couldnt solve this.
The site is:

Can someone confirm that the site is still on line?
I really dont know what happens...

Thanks in advance.



A1 Website Download can download/store/backup website content.
A1 Sitemap Generator can scan and create sitemaps of websites.

I assume you meant you used A1 Website Download?

Anyways, I can easily access the forum. If you still can't access the website, it is possible the website does not like unknown crawlers and automatically issues (most likely temporary) bans. That is quite rare though if using default settings. However, if it indeed is the case, you can try check this help page section "General Solutions to Problematic Websites". It explains how to configure the software to mimic a search engine or a user navigating a website. Obviously with the latter, the scan/download speed is much lower.

Best thing might be to try contact the owner of forum and ask for permission to download a copy of the website. Then he can probably turn off the bot filter for your IP address.

By the way, both A1 Website Download and A1 Sitemap Generator also support proxies: General Options | Internet Crawler | HTTP proxy settings
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