Problem in the operation of A1 Sitemap Generator

Started by bronz001, September 04, 2010, 10:59:50 PM



Error message appears when you run the program A1 Sitemap Nator

The first message

Error occured: "Error reading dtWebsiteMain_Edit_LastModified_Time.Date: Failed to set calendar date or time"

The second message

Error occured: "Access violation at address 004524D0 in module 'Sitemap.exe'. Read of address 00000040"

The system used by Windows 7 x64


The date time control thing is a bug in my development environment. Been on my todo list for long time. But it will be fixed in 2.3.4 :) I just needed a little "push" to do it ;)

About the other error, how did you get it? I may already have fixed in 2.3.4 (not out yet) but its hard to say without howto reproduce description :)
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Thank you, my dear

History has been transferred to the AD

Was to run the program successfully  ;D ;D ;D



Version 2.3.4 has been released. Let me know if you still encounter any problems. It should fix them all :)
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