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Started by devries, October 02, 2012, 10:00:39 AM


Hello and thanks for reading
The last time, I have problems with sitemap generator.
When I scan a website with only 5 pages and some pictures I see after scanning a subdirectory in the results from a site a have scan some days ago. I delete this directory from the results (its a 404 pages) and i make the sitesmaps. When i upload the sitemaps to the server the generator upload a sitemap-1.xml with links from that subdirectory i have generated a few days ago with many URLs and that not existed in my website.

What i have to do that A1 sitegenerator forget this and only scan the real pages... I have try may things without results


Assuming I understood you correctly, try this:

In the XML sitemap output directory, remove all the old generated XML sitemaps files, e.g. sitemap-1.xml

Possibly make a fresh scan.
(A1 Sitemap Generator will show you URLs that e.g. 404 if it found such)

Then build the sitemap
(A1 Sitemap Generator will not include URLs that e.g. 404, 301 etc.)

Upload the sitemaps again. (Either using A1SG or FileZilla or similar)


If above fails for some reason, please email:
TechSEO360 |  | A1 Sitemap Generator, A1 Website Analyzer etc.


Thanks for reaction..... everything OK now   Greetings Jan

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