Sitemap is too small

Started by priest, August 23, 2013, 08:52:34 PM


when I am done with scaning and trying to make a sitemap it makes much smaller sitemap then it used too.
I had sitemap-index file and 24 parts of 25k urls and now it makes me index file with only 2 parts of the same size as each of the 24 parts before.I thought the scan was incomplete so I did it again but I have the same result. I am totaly confused,could you please help?
thank you


Generally speaking, causes for such "sudden" problems are usually related to:

You marked some pages (tags, categories, similar) for nofollow and noindex in page source (e.g. through a plugin)


You removed some navigational element (or changed it to Javascript) - you can enable some Javascript parsing in "Scan website | Crawler options"

Your website/webserver may have started throwing errors at some point (or just for some pages)

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