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Started by ronthai, April 16, 2013, 03:04:00 AM


I just purchased the A1 Sitemap Generator, yesterday, and have a few questions. I have no idea what most of the option and other stuff does and to be honest the help files, really need a good study, which I will do later when I have time, because most of it goes above my immediate understanding. :-[

1.) My websites are phpBB forum based. In the Quick Presets button, there is that option, but it is never selected. Is that normal, because I would think a mark or something comes in front of it when selecting that Quick Preset.

2.) Of course now I just use the Easy Mode and that works fine (a sitemap is created). How often should I re-create a sitemap. New content is added on a daily base. I have read on the internet that once every 2-4 weeks is enough, since you need to give Google time to go through the sitemap.

3.) Are there any standard settings if not using the Simplified Easy Mode when using it for a phpBB forum base sitemap?

Thanks, Ron


Hi Ron,

what you are doing is fine.


The phpBB preset sets a lot of different options which are only otherwise visible when you switch off "easy mode". The preset excludes lots of "junk" URLs in:

"Scan website | Output filters | Exclude output of internal URLs..."
"Scan website | Analysis filters | Exclude analysis of internal URLs..."

(You may be able to find more URLs you want to exclude yourself, but I do not think so.)


Since A1  Sitemap Generator supports commandline, you can schedule A1SG to run e.g. each night, but otherwise, maybe once every 7 or 14 days.


In general using default settings + appropriate preset will work fine. I suggest you start out reading the "A1 Sitemap Generator - Getting Started" section in help:
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