Which is best sitemap generation tool for 5000 pages?

Started by semidotinfotech, February 07, 2020, 08:59:01 AM


I want to know about the best sitemap generation tool. Our website have more than 5000 pages.


Well, since you are asking in the official support forum for A1 Sitemap Generator

You can often use A1 Sitemap Generator to generate sitemaps for sites with million+ pages. But it does depend on operating system, computer, webserver, website etc. (and e.g. a million pages will take time to crawl)

TechSEO360 | MicrosysTools.com  | A1 Sitemap Generator, A1 Website Analyzer etc.


I have to agree...of all the options out there A1 is the best I have ever run across...from purpose, function and support.

I regularly crawl a number of sites and several of them have nearly 2 million pages to index. Once you get the first scans done (usually more than a day on a site my size) the regular updated scans take less than a few hours and typically between 45 inutes to an hour and a half.

All can be scripted and scheduled with task scheduler right in your desktops OS.

Top notch...just buy it...:)



Without a doubt you should go for A1 Sitemap Generator.


Quote from: semidotinfotech on February 07, 2020, 08:59:01 AMI want to know about the best sitemap generation tool. Our website have more than 5000 pages.

Free sitemap generation tools only provides hundreds of urls but for the premium or paid tool it can cover thousands of urls to create a sitemap.


Definitely  a1 sitemap generator. I have used A1SG for generating all sorts of sitemaps and with amazing ease. Pros: * Really good support : Thomas (the developer) is always real quick to reply with any query you might have * Very easy interface : Even with 100s of options, the interface is real easy to understand * 100s of Customization's : You can crawl the website with multiple options to exclude/include sections of the website (and may more!) * Heavy Duty : This sitemap generator can really crunch those humongous websites with millions of URLs. All you have to do is keep your PC on and let the sitemap do its work


Hi! As I see, a lot of people here have written about the a1 generator. Did it help in solving the problem? I see that the thread is out of date, just wondering if the problem described above was solved.


Hello! Looks linke A1 sitemap generator still on top, so there are no need to find another one tool for sitemap generation. It is preaty simple and good in use, the interface is easy to understand for everybody. Different free sitemap generators are too low function options, so A1 is a choice.

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