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Avast Home Edition - Many experts have rated Avast to be the top one among free antivirus software. The reason is simple - it comes with superbly solid detection rates for viruses and spywares. This has been confirmed by the antivirus test results generated from :D


I am using Avast on my personal computer and AVG at the office. I had some problems with AVG's latest edition, the 2011 I think at took me a lot of work and stress to uninstall it, but the previous versions work just fine.
I haven't had any sort of problems with Avast. Seems to work just perfectly so I'm sticking to it.


Would probably vote for AVG, but not sure which is actually the best. I know some people who use two anti virus products at the same time. Apparently that works fairly well for them.
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There are lots of antivirus available on Internet, some of them are free and some of them are paid. I am using Avast antivirus for more than 1 year and its really good. The free version of Avast antivirus is for personal, non-commercial use only.


Hello frineds
    I am using microsoft essential since last 1 is free can also download its updates easily.


Antivirus gives the protection to our PC, there are many different types of antivirus are available. At this time i am using Kaspersky, it is a gives the Real-time protection against spy-ware and viruses.
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Advanced viruses and internet threats require advanced protection. As per my antivirus research is reviewing the top antivirus software for you.

BitDefender Antivirus


There are various antivirus like McAfee, Avast, Quick Heal and many more. AS we all are aware of the fact that the use of antivirus protect your computer from being damage. The use of antivirus make your computer virus free.


I am using the free version of the Avast antivirus and tell you what, I've so far had a great experience using it. It uses minimum system resources and is quite at task when it comes to detecting malicious content.
Apart from Avast, if looking for a licensed version, then Kaspersky, Avira are really great.


I am also using free version  avast antivirus

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According to me all antivirus are same as now a days the new viruses get invented very frequently and none of the antivirus is capable to detect all those new viruses. So if you want to get secure from the viruses then you have to take precaution while using data. Among all Antiviruses I think Kaspersky Antivirus is best....


Antivirus or anti-virus software is used to prevent, detect, and remove malware, including but not limited to computer viruses, computer worm, trojan horses, spyware and adware. This page talks about the software used for the prevention and removal of such threats, rather than computer security implemented by software methods.
A variety of strategies are typically employed. Signature-based detection involves searching for known patterns of data within executable code. However, it is possible for a computer to be infected with new malware for which no signature is yet known. To counter such so-called zero-day threats, heuristics can be used. One type of heuristic approach, generic signatures, can identify new viruses or variants of existing viruses by looking for known malicious code, or slight variations of such code, in files. Some antivirus software can also predict what a file will do by running it in a sandbox and analyzing what it does to see if it performs any malicious actions.


Antivirus provides the safety to our PC, there is a lot of antivirus obtainable on Internet, a number of of them are free and a few of them are paid. I use Avast antivirus used for added than 1 year and it's actually excellent. The free account of Avast antivirus is used for individual, non-commercial applies simply.]affordable website development[/url]


There are many anti virus such as kaspersky, AVG, Avast, McAfee, Quick Heal and many more but Avast free anti virus is easy to use and its update automatically and its give us one year free license key but I think kaspersky is the best anti virus for internet security.


Having antivirus software is an essential thing in order we could get rid of any virus that would ruin our files. AVG is the mostly used antivirus software.


Currently I use Avast and it is the best antivirus software. It is very powerful than other antivirus software.

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There are many antivirus available in net of trial version. Recently i am using avg antivirus. But before it i was using kaspersky and i think it was working better than avg for my PC.........


I prefer Avira Free Antivirus. The antivirus component is the best part of this suite, with good malware cleanup and better real-time protection. Avira is continues to outshine its competition with its ease of use combined with thorough antivirus protection.


I am using Avira Antvirus in all my pc. It is the  best antivirus for my pc.


Would probably vote for AVG, but not sure which is actually the best. I know some people who use two anti virus products at the same time. Apparently that works fairly well for them.


Here are the advantages of AVG :
Scanning time has been rapid virus
Not consume too much memory your PC or Laptop
At the time virus scanning does not slow the performance of your PC or Laptop


Antivirus exists to protect people from viruses, worms and spyware. Antivirus will regularly scan your pc and seek out viruses and other malicious application that might be on your pc.


I use AVG. It works great and it is free. Why pay if you have this running?


Avast is the best antivirus i think so i use avast from a long time its very nice and keep my pc protected


Virus can damage our computer and it can corrupt our important data and file to prevent that use best  Anti virus for your pc, it will protect pc from the virus. There are so many anti virus are available in the market like avast, AVG, quick heal, avira, Malwarebytes, Clamwin etc.


Avast is the best antivirus it clean all the malware and inflected files


MCAFEE Is The Awesume Antivirus Software.


Avast is known for it's fake detection problems and it's still stick with it, according to me Mcafee and Symentec are the best Antivirus software.


Antivirus is the software which gives the better security to our computer. Now a days people can use the different antivirus software for its computer like: Avast, Norton, Mcafee, Quick Heal and Symentec.


Hello Friends,

Antivirus programs are something that any computer accessing the Internet should have, since they can help protect your computer from unwanted programs and processes. Some antivirus programs require a paid subscription or must be purchased from a store, but there are some that can protect your computer for free.



I think Avast and AVG both are good, but I prefer to use Kaspersky.   :)


which is best and free antivirus software and from where can I download it?
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All anti virus are same now days the new viruses get invented very easily and none of the antivirus is capable to detect all those new viruses. So if you want to get secure from the viruses then you have to take precaution while using data. But avast is better than other anti virus.


There are many type of anti-viruses are available in market such as avast, avg, norton, kespersky, quick heal, node, etc. Out of them I prefer to use quick heal anti-virus which provide you to many function and delete most of viruses form your computer and also repair your infected file for your operating system. 


Anti virus software is very important for systems security.  There are many anti virus available which is really useful for remove virus in your computer. It is very useful for all people who have computer. My favorite anti virus is Avast anti virus. It is really good anti virus.


Anti-virus is one kind of programming which fight against the viruses. There are many type of anti-viruses available in the market which provide you various functionality. According to me, quick heal is the best anti-virus which deleted only viruses and repair the file which effected with the viruses.


Presently I am using BitDefender antivirus software. It is the best antivirus software so far to protect from virus and malware.


AntiVirus depends on virus signatures they gather from multiple sources. The signature database really depends on the source.
Use whatever AntiVirus, you like, but never fully trust it.

In case, you get suspicious of specific file, try There is also, which does further heuristic analysis.


Antivirus software is distributed in a number of forms, including stand-alone antivirus scanners and internet security suites that offer antivirus protection, along with firewalls, privacy controls and other security protections.

mcafeeactivation and 2019 may be a comprehensive security course of action from McAfee. It includes total security of antivirus, antagonistic to spyware, antimalware, internet and email, and firewall programs. Aside from these bound options, the 2019 structure is projected to boost your PC's execution and speed with utilities like fast Cleaner and device.


I have used Kaspersky on my laptop and I think it is doing its job pretty well. Strongly recommended.


Antivirus is also known as anti-malware, is a computer program used to prevent, detect, and remove malware. Antivirus software was originally developed to detect and remove computer viruses, hence it is known as antivirus.

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