Application for Client File Upload

Started by reformedman, April 02, 2012, 01:11:56 AM


I am working with a school on a project that will take a full year.
They want to send me their lectures for a class and have me edit the video and audio quality to make is suitable for their website. I have to cut out empty parts, edit color, video size, etc.

I want to purchase a website/webhost for them to upload the video file to me and then make another page where they may download my finished product when each file is edited.

My question is their part of the transaction. I don't know anything about ftp upload programs but I heard that's what they are called. Is there something in Fantastico or some other place that I can use to make a good looking professional looking access for my client to send me these files? 

I could simply just teach them how to access filezilla and upload the normal way, but I want something that is made for this purpose specifically.

We had tried a USB flash drive for a while, but having to drive to them is not working out for me.
PHPNuke has a downloads section which I can make available to certain registered users, but Nuke is more program that what I need. All I need is just the uploader page with some sort of password access.

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