Tranfering from Windows 7 to Windows XP

Started by Quality Web Design, October 08, 2011, 02:17:12 AM

Quality Web Design

Please can anyone tell me how to re - install Windows XP in my system, actually previously I had Windows XP. Recently I just gave a try to Windows 7 and now is total stuck out, moreover I am not at all happy with the user friendliness of Windows 7.......
Please help me.......



First check the minimum requirement of Windows 7 then format your system completely and then run setup of Windows 7.

It would be better to find Installation of Windows 7 over Windows Xp on the google.
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Firstly you have to insert windows XP( CD ) and restart your computer when It ready to start again press delete key and after completing all requirement just format your C drive and install Windows xp by the way window 7 is very nice operating system but different from windows xp .
Firstly I used Windows xp but now I am using win 7 and now I feel more comfortable with its.

any way if this is not usable you can search through google .


Hi there,
Is there any source to convert windows xp in windows 7?

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