What is your favorite chat messenger?

Started by moon67, December 12, 2011, 01:51:54 AM


Hi there guys,
What is your favorite chat messenger?
Skype is my most favorite after yahoo.
What about your choice?


I like Skype because the voice and video clarity is nice.


My favorite chat messenger is Digsby Instant Messenger. It is very easy to use, cleanly designed and very functional. Also, Digsby provide multiple chat networks and allows you to merge your friends' multiple usernames into one unified entry on your contact list.


Skype will always my favorite . It's feature are really for recommendation. The voice and video are highly definition.


I'm not really into chatting I only used it for business purposes thus Yahoo and Gtalk is enough.


There are number of chat messengers but I use only Skype. It is the best chat messenger for me because it is user friendly and easy to operate.


Skype Is the Bestest Chat Messenger Software In World Wide.


I am using many messenger like yahoo, gtalk, ibibo and many more but my favorite is yahoo, i am using it from a very long time and it am satisfied with it.


I always use gtalk & yahoo messenger to chat. I do not use skype till now.


Skype and Gtalk is my favourite chat messenger at the moment.
Jenny Jenna


Google talk is my favorite chat messenger. It has wonderful features which make it more attractive. It is very simple and full of secure chat messenger. It make fast communications and better services of sharing data and files.


Skype is the best messenger according to me, as you get the option of file transfer through Skype..... 

Ien Bell


I have always used only Yahoo Chat Messenger because it is very easy to use comparatively to the other messengers.. I can't compare it with anything else.

Sandeep Thakur

I like G-Talk for chat and share document with my team.


my favorite chat messenger is ebuddy because it is faster and more reliable because it is not stop and hang during while your chatting to your friends.and it is available to anywhere and anytime you can access and download to it.so it is best of the all of the chat messanger.


my favorite chat messengers are many but i generally use android  go! chat application for chat


Skype is a best chat and video calls. So i like it very much.


My favorite chat messenger is google talk.
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The best is skype and gtalk . I use both the messengers.


I like only Skype for chatting.Skype is professional software to communicating with people.


Yahoo is my preferred chat messenger and second to Yahoo is Skpe. Not a guess but I learned chatting on Yahoo and therefore it is my first choice.


There are so many different types of chat messengers are available such as Google Talk, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, MSN etc and many more. But the best chat messenger is Skype. It is one of most popular chat & video messenger.


My favorite chat messenger is skype or yahoo.Mostly i've use yahoo messenger mostly because of great features...


My favorite chat messenger is Skype, because of it's voice clarity and sharing files and screen function.


Google and Yahoo are popular search engine to provide some unique services. It's both are provided chat messenger but I would like to use a yahoo messenger. It's have a good future and easy to use. By the yahoo messenger we are easily communicate each other with web came.


Yahoo Messenger
All these my favorite chat messengers..


I think Skype is the best chat messenger now a days, it is used by most of the people for it's easy functionality. :)

icecube media

I still like Quip and Skype.
But last time I use Skype more than ever.


For my iPhone, I would prefer the Skype, Gtalk and my lovely Whatsapp. Most of my friend using Whatsapp a lot. It is easy to chat with our friends. And able to send file and videos.


Skype will always my favorite . It's feature are really for recommendation. The voice and video are highly definition.


I love skype most for business prospective and whatsapp for gossips.


I like to use Skype, due to its voice and video clarity. Messenger and WhatsApp for chatting purpose with friends.


Skype is my favorite chat messenger. It is used by most of the people for its easy functionality. It is fast, very easy, and with good quality.


The Facebook Messenger app allows you to add contacts to your list of Favorites, which pins people with whom you chat the most to the top of your contact list. This walkthrough works for the various versions of the Facebook Messenger mobile app, including iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

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