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Started by Uncle_James, September 13, 2012, 10:27:49 AM


Hello All;

I have been testing out the trial version of A1 Website Analyzer the past few days.  I really like the product and am considering purchasing the product.

That being said, the search custom string function is extremely important to me and my tasks.  I have been able to figure out SOME of the code to wrote my own search strings, but I cannot seem to figure out what language or code those strings are written in.

Is their a term glossary or reference available for me to reference when writing my own strings? Having this available would help me tremendously.  If I can get my search strings working to my liking I would gladly buy this product.


The language is the most common functionality found in most regular expressions implementations

I will try add more examples and explanations to the the help page:

You can also email directly:

or ask here if you have specific things you have troubles getting to work.

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That's exactly what I was looking for. 

After reading "Regular Expression" I had a "D'oh" moment.  I should have been able to figure that out, but didn't.

In any case, Thank you!  That information helped immensely.


Notice the leading
(without quotes)

If you check the help, you can see that the "Google Analytics" regex has "ga=" (without quotes) infront and the email regex has "em=" (without quotes) in front. (This way, you can post-scan see on which pages a certain string/text/code was found)
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I noticed that functionality right away.  It is the reason I am seriously considering buying this product.

The flagging/counts of the search strings on the Analyze page will save hours of time compiling and sorting data.


Thanks to the information you provided I have been able to start catching up on my Regex skills.

I have been able to write and test many of search strings I will need to utilize if and when I buy this program.  However, I am having the most trouble writing a simple string to locate specific text within the entire source code of a page/site.

I would like to locate every instance of a simple text string anywhere in my site's source code, whether part of tag, URL, viewable text, etc.   

For example, I would like to locate every instance of the word "Apple" regardless of whether it appears in a link "", or in site text "The Apple fell," or in a random string, "xx12ahgAppleuious;coj."

It seems like it should be a simple task, and something most Regex engines navigate naturally with minimal scripting.  However, I am having a hard time navigating this simple task within the Analyzer search engine.   (And yet I wrote some very complicated search strings that work perfectly for my other tasks).

Any help anyone can provide would be great. 

I have been extremely impressed with the product so far.


Glad to hear you like the product ;)

Just email your current project to
including what is dfficult to find, and I will take a look :)

Have you tried:

The URL paths themselves aren't matched against, but I could add support for it?

Note that you can use the quick filtering provided after website scan to quickly filter the visible URLs
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That worked!

I should have tried that previously.  Simple solution and another "D'oh" moment, but somewhat justified.  For whatever reason I cannot locate an exact case match, but adding in the (a|A) and it worked just fine. 

A bizarre circumstance I cannot figure out myself, but we found a solution.

Anyway, Thank you for your help.  I will continue testing out your product but currently I am planning on purchasing at the expiration of of the trial period.


And now my original case specific search string is working.  How bizarre.

In any case, thank you for all your assistance.


Glad to hear you got it working :) If you encounter any other and/or related troubles, be sure to write again!
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Will there be a version that executes a regular expression after another expression ran
And also are regular expression  case insenstive by default


Hi developer0001,

Assuming you are talking about the custom text search, I guess an option should be added for case sensitive or not.

That would work well in combination with code like
[a-zA-Z] [a-z] [A-Z]

Currently the custom search is case-insensitive.

You can add multiple searches (regular expressions) by using the [ + ] button

(You can not make then dependent on each another.)
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