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Started by InstantFruit, November 13, 2012, 09:50:19 AM



I`m pretty new to A1 Website Analyzer and am slowly starting to understand how to use it.

Can anyone tell me though, I`d like to export a list of all internal URL's including all the internal links.

Something like..

URL                                      Link
www.mysite.com/About       www.mysite.com/index.htm

Can this be done?!

If so, how would I go about it?!



Generally speaking and assuming you have used default settings when scanning (e.g. default settings in "Scan website | Data collection") :

Just make sure to enable visibility of the relevant columns before exporting to .csv. You can check/uncheck visibility of all columns in top menu: "View | Data columns" Columns include "linked to by list", "redirected to by list", "sourced to by list" etc. giving results similar to this:

URLlinked to by

However, from your post I susepct you want something slightly different? Do you want column two in above example to be a list of URLs that "www.example.com/About" is linking to? Such a column is currently not available as of version 4.1.1, but it could quite easily be added if anyone wants it? :)


You can also check these two help pages:


TechSEO360 | MicrosysTools.com  | A1 Sitemap Generator, A1 Website Analyzer etc.



Thanks for your help, I think you have shown me what I need.

I`m running a scan now (on a smaller website) and will try it out!

Thanks again

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