Exported Data column definitions

Started by nap0leon, July 23, 2012, 09:17:16 AM


Is there an FAQ that explains what each of the columns are in the exported data?

I understand most of these, but for some I am just guessing and others I have no clue.  Even if I know what the abbreviations mean, I don't necessarily understand what is being reported.


Path - the URL of the page   
Items - the number of links ?
R.Code - response code: 200, 404, etc.
R.Desc - response description: 200 = OK, 404 = file not found, etc.
R.Time - response time: number of milliseconds to receive a response (?)
D.Time - no clue - it's always either 0 or the same as R.Time
Size   - file size
MIME - MIME type
Charset - character encoding
Language    - specified language
Modified - date/time of the page's last modification
Click.C - no clue
Linked.C - no clue   
Links.Intern - number links to other pages in the same site
Links.Extern - number of links to external sites
Ref.R.Code - no clue - most of the time it's blank, sometimes its a 200 response code
Importance - presumably a ranking based on links to this page
I.Scaled - a scaled version of the above
E.HTML - Errors in the HTML? (unclosed tags, etc.???)
E.CSS - Errors in the CSS?
E.Spell - Errors in spelling?
SE.Indexed - Is the page in a search engine
S.Content    - no clue (always blank for my site)
P.Title - Page Title (HEAD metdata)
P.Desc - Page Description (HEAD metdata)
P.Keywords - Page Keywords  (HEAD metdata)
P.H1   - Page's first H1 tag
P.H2 - Page's first H2 tag



You can see full captions in menu "View | Data columns" (there's also a tool button)
(You can change visibility of columns you want to see.)

Alternatively, you can hover the mouse over the column captions to see their full captions.

For instance "S.Content" is "page content searches" - i.e. if you use the custom search feature in A1WA

Anyhow, I will look into creating a help page explaining the columins! (Linking to relevent help pages next to each column.)
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