How to export Analyze Website report with column headers?

Started by nburns, November 02, 2011, 11:49:41 AM



I've exported my Analyze Website report as a CSV but it doesn't include column headers (e.g. path, R code, link, etc).  I have to toggle back to the tool to see what each column is. Any way to bring the column header over in the export?!

Also, can I include canonical info when I export this analyze report? As in, if a url has a canonical and what that canonical url is?




Exporting should export all the visible columns.

What version are you using of A1 Website Analyzer?

The export buttons always exports the currently selected/active control. Have you made sure to select the correct control containing the data you want exported?

If problem persists, please email project file

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The export does indeed bring over the columns and data, the issue is that it does not bring over headers for the columns. For instance, let's say the E column has a bunch of numbers for each row, I have no idea what those #s represent as there is no category at the top of the column, e.g. it doesn't say "R Code" or "Linked.C" at the top of the spreadsheet column - so I have no idea what all the data is for each particular column.

Does that make sense?

Thank you!



Okay, now I undersand :)

In the main (top) menu of A1 Website Analyzer click
Program options
Data import/export

There you will find options solving your problem :)
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