Internal Linked by data ?

Started by remozseo, December 07, 2015, 04:09:34 PM


I tested the internal links and I found a problem:

Please watch 5 minutes, Full HD video here:  :-\

thank you very much for any little help, appreciate it !


I think the issue may already have been solved.

Could you try download verion 7.0.0 again and scan? (I think you are using an "old" version 7.0.0)

After the initial release, there was one who reported a similar problem which got "hotfixed" without changing version numbers.

It is a little "dirty" to keep the version numbers, I know :) but we have six A1 tools - each released for OS X and Windows, so whenever we change a version number, we have to edit a ton of files, so "hotfixes" sometimes keep the version number until an official 7.0.1 gets released with a number of updates in them.

Also, the OS X are currently even officially in beta, so they get even more hot fixes. (Version 7.0.0 was the first version with OS X suppor which has been a monumental undertaking making the code work across multiple platforms using different programming tools and frameworks)

I have emailed you a screenshot where you can see that in my scan, it seems to work. However, if after downloading the newest version 7.0.0 it still does not work properly for you, it could also be that the website/webserver generates links/content dynamicly. This is vey rare though, but some sites change content depending on IP address, if it has detected the visitor is a crawler etc.
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