Log file for A1 Website analyzer

Started by Lalitha, March 09, 2021, 12:32:10 PM


We are using the A1 website analyzer to analyze the website and it shows up some URLs with doubleslash for our forum pages. Is it possible to get the log from tool? If yes can you please let me know the procedure to get the log file after analyzer is run for a site



Have you tried checking "used from", "linked-from", "redirected-to-from":

In "Analyze website data" select URL at left side. At right side selected "Extended data" and then one of the above mentioned tabs. (If otherwise using default settings this should let you find out from where the double-slash URL is found)

You can also create a log during website crawl. In "Scan website | Data collection" enable option "Create log file of website scans"

To find log file open "Help | About |Data". Find the entry called "Application user data directory" and open the path shown there. Then check the subfolder "logs".

If problem persist email us with website and URl examples:
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