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Started by joe_slobotnick, November 07, 2014, 03:30:00 AM



I purchased Website Analyzer to generate "page views" on my website.  I want it to appear to the server like a human user is visiting a specific page, letting it load, waiting a short time, and then opening the next specific page in a list of pages. I don't want the server to detect that it is being crawl or machine analyzed.   I don't want it to open or test any other links on the page.

I have a list of the specific page URLs in a file.  I'd appreciate some help on the right settings to do this as so far my attempts have it still visiting other pages that are not in my list of URLs. The settings I've used are:

Import URLs from file and clicked "Recrawl" per something I read in help file
Set Max simultaneous connections and Max worker threads both to one
In Advanced Engine Settings the only change I made from the default was "crawl delay" to 11,000 which, if I understand the tool correctly, should pace it for 11 seconds between pages.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


You need to to "limit analysis" do the important URLs.

There is a button for this shown in hel page

in section
Further Limit The Internal Page URLs You Want to Check
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