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Download Specific File Types Using a Web Site Copier
Normally, when using our site downloader software, it will copy the whole site which is ideal for offline browsing. However, the software can do much more.Unfortunately not all our users discover this. Have you ever wanted to retrieve and store all files of a specific type from a web site? It could be "do it yourself" PDF manuals, instruction videos, online photo galleries and similar. If so, you should read this tutorial.
The easiest way to download all images from a website is by using a site downloader tool. Just make sure you include all video and image (i.e. pictures, photos and graphics) file extensions to the output list.Notice that the default configuration already includes all common picture and photo files.

Common image file extensions:
  • .bmp
  • .jpg
  • .gif
  • .png
Video related file extensions:
  • .mov
  • .avi
  • .flv
  • .wmf
  • .swf
Some video formats, such as those using dynamic data streaming and redirection, candifficult to download correctly, but by making sure above file extension types have been added, you will be able to download video and image galleries from most websites.

Add The Wanted File Extensions
Instead of manually adding file extensions, simply use the "Quick presets..." as found in our own software solution. (Other tools may or may not have similar methods for quick setup.) This enables you to quickly add various groups of file extensions, e.g. images and pictures, videos, compressed files and documents files, with the click of a mouse button.

Image Download Example
Whether you want to download all image gallery pictures and photos, download all videos, download all PDF documents or download whichever kind of files, you can use the A1 Website Download tool for this. Just edit the list of file extensions in the output filters / list filters to match your needs. If you only include videos and images file extensions, that is all you will have downloaded at the end of the website crawl.Below is shown a screenshot taken after a site download has finished. In this specific example, the website download program was configured to only grab images and pictures, i.e. function like a pure image downloader. Such configuration is ideal if you want to download a photo gallery or similar from a website. (This could have been anything, e.g. wall paper photos, computer generated graphics, 3D images used for modeling etc.)

More Web Site Download Guides
At this point, you just need to set the website root path and start downloading! Alternatively, if you need more information before you get started, you can read more tutorials about downloading all site files or just pictures and photos from websites.
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